Frustratingly Humble.

After having such an active day Saturday, Sunday was a good grocery shopping then lay on the couch and do nothing but prep for the Super Bowl rest day.

We all know that its not truly a super bowl unless you’re super stuffed. So eat, we did.


Baked pita chips with guacamole. Red wine. Deviled eggs.


Pulled pork bbq sammiches with coleslaw. What looks like sauerkraut cookies but are actually rockin’ coconut macaroons.

The best thing about our superbowl feast? Everything ‘cept the red wine was homemade. My hubs is a good man. I did my part by supervising. And making the macaroons. You’re welcome, hun.

Glad about the Ravens win. Since they both couldn’t lose, I was on their side since they are AFC. Even though they beat my guys.

Yesterday I felt pretty fresh. Went for a 3.15 mile run during work. 29:56, 9:30 pace (!!). Then we went to CF. And my day went to shit.

I understand CF is a very humbling workout. It makes one realize what he/she is actually capable of and can make one feel very weak. It can also leave a person feeling incredible strong only to knock them down onto their knees when they have a day like I had yesterday.

It was my first time doing snatches. It was more of a skill-building day.

5 Sets of:
2 snatch grip high pulls and 2 hang snatch (all 4 unbroken)
Break/rest, 1 complete snatch

Muscle up skill work:
– transition
– MU complex
– strict MU
– kipping MU

1-1-1-1 EMOM

I wanted to cry. Because I’m a big weenie and couldn’t get my way I couldn’t get the form of doing the snatch correct. I understood the concept. I watched the coach explain it and do it multiple times. I watched the more experienced CF’rs do it. And in my head I could do them correctly. But when it came to the rubber meeting the road I couldn’t make that shit workI was so damn frustrated. I was frustrated at myself because I understood the concept. I just couldn’t make it happen. Its just so complex.

After failing at the snatch I was discouraged. And knowing that I’m not strong enough to do a muscle up (MU) or skin-the-cat just made yesterday at CF even more frustrating humbling.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up over it. I know I just needed to take a step back, breath and try it again. But that was a lot easier said than done. I just need to keep working on it. But then I get overwhelmed thinking about all the things I need to learn and work on. I just need to make priorities. We all have to start somewhere.

Have you had moments when you wanted to cry out of frustration for not being able to physically do something of which you understood the concept?

How long did it take you to snatch?

Do you think a 14 year old boy made the names of movements for CF?


5 thoughts on “Frustratingly Humble.

  1. Haha. I like the last night about 14 year olds naming CF movements, because that’s all I could really think about. Just like you said, don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes it takes a bit, but eventually it will click! As a reader, I have to admit I’m a bit disgruntled you didn’t extend a superbowl party invite to the blogosphere. The gauc and deviled eggs looked divine!

  2. Ooooh those snatches!! They really can get to you, don’t they?! I can still remember the first few time I had to snatch and just didn’t get it. How frustrating I know. But you will get it I’m sure just keep on it. I’m still struggling a little with the squat snatch (after about 6 month of CF) but I’m getting there. Just have fun with it every time you’re there! 🙂

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