Posted in February 2013

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Although, considering the way things have been lately, I wouldn’t know from experience. Hello, friends! I know I’ve been pretty scarce non-existent lately. Though I have a good excuse: I’ve had nothing exciting to tell. People frequently ask me, “how’s married life?” And I give the same answer. Every. Time. “Oh, you know, I tell … Continue reading

Testosterone and Sugar Filled Weekend.

Friday afternoon my husband decided to bring home 2 extra boys. That means we had to deal with 4 bundles of raging testosteronical hormones joy. We grilled out some burgers and had a side of slightly overcooked sweet potato fries. And we made a fire in the backyard and had some smores. Gah, I love … Continue reading


Oy. I’m still reeling from Tuesdays’s WOD! 4 Rounds for Time: 16 Deadlifts @ body weight 8 HSPU 16 TTB (toes to bar) 8 Wall Balls I couldn’t do my body weight so I stuck with 105 pounds (although some thought that was my weight, thanks people!). Aaand I have little weakling arms so I … Continue reading

Frustratingly Humble.

After having such an active day Saturday, Sunday was a good grocery shopping then lay on the couch and do nothing but prep for the Super Bowl rest day. We all know that its not truly a super bowl unless you’re super stuffed. So eat, we did. Baked pita chips with guacamole. Red wine. Deviled … Continue reading

Strong Beginning.

Thursday was a rest day. Much needed rest day. Friday’s WOD was 3 RFT: 10 box piked pushups (subbed for HSPU) 200m plate carry, out front with arms bent (no hugging the plate) (10#) 200m plate carry, over head with locked arms (10#) Cash out: 50 Pushups (knees!) 50 Pullups (strict with green band) 21:37 … Continue reading