Woof. Deadlifts.

Yesterday’s WOD

Deadlift (DL) 5-5-3-2-2 (85-95-105-115-135)

For time
25 KB swings (25#)
10 Burpees
25 KTE (knees to elbows) (subbed for TTB)
10 Burpees
25 Ring dips (band assisted)
10 Burpees
25 DL (105#)


I am pretty proud of that 135 DL. Its been a long time (read: high school) since I’ve deadlift/deadlifted (???) that much. Although that second rep of the 2 reps at 135 was pretty ugly, I got it up. And there was minimal form compromise. And when there’s any form compromise, that should be the stopping point.

Something that I was really proud of? Those KB swings. Unbroken. I wanted to pause and take a breather. I did want to. But I didn’t. I kept telling myself one more. one more. one more. Before I knew it I was on to the first set of 10 burpees. The rest of the WOD wasn’t quite as smooth.

Speaking of smooth, my hands definitely are not. I’ve building up my calluses. And I love them. I am so proud of them. That makes me weird, doesn’t it? I’m weird, right?

The deadlifts were probably the toughest part. I broke them up into sets of 5. Which really made it so much easier to tackle. five more. five more. five more.

I’m learning that everyday that more often than not WODs are a mental workout just as much of a physical workout. There’s a lot of mental fortitude involved in CF. And that makes me have even more respect for those who’ve been in it for a long time. Its so easy to psych yourself up for the workout. Or to psych yourself out.

I know, running is the same on the mental level. Pushing past the pain. Pushing past the fatigue. But when you’re throwing around 100+lbs on a multi-rep workout, there’s a whole ‘nother game going on, and its so much easier to get hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I still respect all runners out there. Always pushing themselves when they don’t want to run. Or pushing themselves harder when training for something. No love lost! 🙂

After the WOD I grabbed a jump rope and tried to tie some double-unders together. Nope. Didn’t happen. Still only getting one. And I can’t even string single unders together after that one DU. Practice practice practice.

Check out this beautiful sunrise I got to drive in with this morning!

IMG_1679 v2

Its beautiful mornings like this that make me wish I lived closer so I could bike to work. Plus I wouldn’t have to look through my dirty windows. Don’t judge me and my dirty car windows.

What is your most mental-challenging workout that also pushes you physically?

Do you get to see pretty sunrises on your way into work?

Do you have the luxury of living close enough to work to be able to walk/run/bike in?

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