Fitness Update.

Hello all!

CrossFit has been doing its job and kicking our asses. And legs. And arms. And chest. And core. And any other body party that contains muscles.

It hurts so good though!

I know we’ve only been in CF for about a month but I think I can already tell a difference. Not necessarily in how I actually look, but I feel like I’m a wee bit more flexible. I’m not as sore and my form is definitely improving, which is major! I don’t want to up the weight until I have my form down.

Some of the more recent workouts have been:

400m Run
200m Clamp Grip Plate Carry
40 KTE
40 DL (83#)
200m Clamp Grip Plate Carry
400m Run

5-5-5-5 (Progressive) Front Squats (65, 65, 65, 65, 70) (these are KILLING my wrists!)

21-15-9 (for time)
Kettlebell Goblet Squats
20″ Box Step-Ups with KB in FS position

1 RM Shoulder Press (50#) (weak!)

Death By KB Swings
17 Rounds + 11

Saturday: (open gym, made our own workout)
10 EMOM:
Power Cleans (65#)
3 Pushups

4 Rounds (un-timed):
10 Wall Balls (10#)
10 Box Jumps (24″)
10 Burpees

Our legs were still pretty wiped out from Tuesday and Wednesday so we didn’t do any strength Saturday.

So. Funny story about Saturday. Wanna hear it? Here goes..


No, the paleness isn’t a result of CF (don’t judge me and my pastyness). Those purpleish and red marks, marks of good times at CrossFit. It’s my first take home injury (other than the expected sore muscles). I was in my forth round of box jumps on Saturday’s made-up WOD when my left foot didn’t make it all the way onto the box and slipped skimming my entire shin. Good times. Just glad I was wearing pants. Otherwise I’d probably have no skin. Sexy.

How long was it before you started noticing any differences from CF?

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