Drool. Fest.

Because I usually suck about actually posting the awesome mediocre pictures I take, I’ll post them all together. Its happier that way.

*Disclaimer: some of these pictures may make you drool. I will not be held responsible for any electronic damage.

The brownie-in-a-mug was a (fabulous) idea I got from this fabulous girlCesca (pasta and trio of desserts) never disappoints. All two times we’ve been there its been so good. And the waiter remembered us! Then again, who wouldn’t. We are pretty awesome. (Ok, you can stop laughing now.) Pretty sure we’ve agreed this is our new favorite Italian restaurant in Charleston. And if you’re from Charleston, you know that’s kind of a big deal since there really are SO many to choose from!

I’ll be back soon for an update on CrossFit!

Are you guilty of taking but not posting pics?

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