Cute Calluses. And Other Beginner CF Stuff.


Can you see them? Aren’t they cute? I’m trying to build them up with and/or after every CF workout. I found the most effective way is to do practice kipping.

One of the biggest issues I’ve read about, when beginning CF, is to make sure the coaches at that box are good ones. Well, the obvious question popped into my head: If I’ve never done CF, how do I know the coach is a good one? How do I know the coaches are teaching the movements correctly? Although I’ve only been doing CF for a whopping 3 weeks, I’ve come to realize that my coaches are good ones.

From day one, the coaches have been thorough in every detail and explanation about the how’s and why’s of movements. Our on-ramp program was run by the couple who own the box we go to. And they are awesome! Not only do they explain how; they explain how-not to do something. This not only pertains to lifting, but also to dropping the weight if its too heavy. They also explain why those movements are important.

For example, the all-mighty and ever-important squat. I remember doing these in high-school weight training. I also remember doing them in the gym by myself during college and in more recent years. I also remember my knees hurting after going heavy (well, what I thought was heavy!). It was because I didn’t go down far enough, I didn’t track my knees to go with the angle my feet were pointed, and because I didn’t push my knees out.

This guy show us bad form and good form.

But its not just the basic squat movements. Its all variations of it. Overhead squat. Back squat. Front squat. Low-back squat.

Its not only the explanations that these people are thorough in, but its also in their demonstrations. And explaining every single step within a movement. And watching each an every person do one. Over and over again until its just about perfect. Thess types of explanations and demonstrations were much more helpful with things like thrusters and power cleans, which are more complex (not just in movements, but in stance – elbows turned out, head through window, shrugged shoulders, etc). There really is a lot to take in with just one movement that it really does take practice and real thought to go through with it correctly.

This guy shows us how to do a thruster.

But its not just in form and technique that I rely on these coaches for. I also rely on them to help me find alternatives to things I can’t yet do. For example, I can’t do a skin-the-cat which was a part of a WOD this past week. So our coach had me do shoot-thrus which utilizes many of the same muscles. The coaches at our box are very patient, helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and fun.

After 3 weeks, I’m definitely far from being an expert, but I am learning everyday. And I’m learning because I know I have good great coaches at my box that I can rely on. Which I’m lucky to know I have since I wasn’t sure how to judge that.

If you’re just starting CF (like me) or thinking about joining and want to know if your coaches care, just compare them to mine ask yourself a few questions:

1. Are they friendly and seem to care about you as a person rather than just another member?
2. Do they explain the simple and basic movements, making sure those are grasped, before moving onto more complex movements?
3. When doing actual WOD’s, do they want you to go a little lighter to work on form before working on heavy lifting?
4. Do they cover the how-not to do something’s as well, and why?
5. Are they patient with your learning and willing to answer any questions you have about the how’s and why’s of movements?

There’s a lot more to knowing you have a good coach than those 5 items, but its a good start. Like I said, I’m absolutely no expert and I’m probably just bias because it is the box I go to, but honestly, after attending just one week of these classes, I feel so comfortable with whom I’m working that I didn’t feel the need to “shop around” for another CF box.

How did you know that you had a good CF coach?
Did you attend multiple boxes before choosing the one you attend?


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