Posted in January 2013

Woof. Deadlifts.

Yesterday’s WOD Strength Deadlift (DL) 5-5-3-2-2 (85-95-105-115-135) METCON For time 25 KB swings (25#) 10 Burpees 25 KTE (knees to elbows) (subbed for TTB) 10 Burpees 25 Ring dips (band assisted) 10 Burpees 25 DL (105#) 13:54 I am pretty proud of that 135 DL. Its been a long time (read: high school) since I’ve … Continue reading

Booyah. Done and Done.

Yesterday. Running. Crossfit. Done and done. Booyah. Went for a lunchtime stroll yesterday with a coworker. 3.35 miles, 33:10 Crossfit after work. 24:53 Hopefully I won’t fall out today. Yesterday’s workout was tough. As to be expected. But it wasn’t necessarily intense in the strength but it was really all about endurance and pacing. Something … Continue reading

Back in the Saddle.

After taking quite the hiatus from running I went for a run yesterday. I also used this run to (finally) use my Christmas present! After my run B asked me if I thought CF had helped my running. Honestly, I can’t tell. After not running for a couple months, I thought I’d lose a lot … Continue reading

Fitness Update.

Hello all! CrossFit has been doing its job and kicking our asses. And legs. And arms. And chest. And core. And any other body party that contains muscles. It hurts so good though! I know we’ve only been in CF for about a month but I think I can already tell a difference. Not necessarily … Continue reading

Drool. Fest.

Because I usually suck about actually posting the awesome mediocre pictures I take, I’ll post them all together. Its happier that way. *Disclaimer: some of these pictures may make you drool. I will not be held responsible for any electronic damage. The brownie-in-a-mug was a (fabulous) idea I got from this fabulous girl!  Cesca (pasta … Continue reading

Cute Calluses. And Other Beginner CF Stuff.

Can you see them? Aren’t they cute? I’m trying to build them up with and/or after every CF workout. I found the most effective way is to do practice kipping. One of the biggest issues I’ve read about, when beginning CF, is to make sure the coaches at that box are good ones. Well, the … Continue reading

First Graduating Class of 2013.

That’s the class that B and I graduated in at the CrossFit box where we attended the on-ramp course. And we are stoked to begin our indefinite lasting graduate program. Last night’s WOD looked like this: 3 RFT: 10 Thrusters (33#) 10 Burpees 200m Run 7:04 I felt pretty good afterwards. Well, after getting over … Continue reading

Welcome to the Party, Mandi.

Yesterday I finished day 2.5 of CrossFit. Point 5 you say? We’re in an on-ramp program that the box has for all newcomers. The program is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Monday the coach took it pretty easy, just going over forms for basic movements squats (as its the basis of 85% of the moves that are … Continue reading

Party. Animals.

I mean, just look at this face… If that doesn’t look like a face that’s ready to party, to you, then I don’t know what does. Pretty sure this is how we all looked on NYE. B had the sicklies that infested his throat and face, so we stayed in and I kept him medicated. … Continue reading