No Longer A CrossFit Virgin!

Albeit, it was only a beginner’s class, but we had so much fun! We walked into the box and immediately the coach introduced himself, as did the 3 guys who just finished their WOD. Instantly I knew that everything I’d read about the comradery of CF’rs is true in this particular box.

We stood around shooting the shit with one of the coaches for a few minutes before the class began. He told his that this particular box just opened in June 2012 and has 5-6 coaches. Its a husband and wife team who opened it who really know their stuff. He explained the actual mechanics of CF and why it helps in everyday life. First, it doesn’t isolate only one or two muscles (like arm curls do) nor does it involve machines (because we don’t use machines to do everyday tasks). He also explained that everyone does the same basic movements in life, just some in more intensity. He used a Navy SEAL and a grandmother as examples. Grandma’s still do stuff…grocery shopping, lifting bags of food, bending down to grab something. Navy SEALS have to do the same movements, just with heavier items and with more intensity.  (Okay, that example may have been a bit of a stretch, but it still got the point across.)

We got into the actual exercise itself.

4 sets for time:
21 air squats
15 ab mat situps
9 pushups
1 parking lot sprint
(I have no idea the distance…a few hundred yards??)

I completed the workout in 16:44. B finished in 19:02. It was a very intense workout for less than 20 minutes. We’re both pretty sore today, legs specifically.

We’re really stoked to really get into this program for the long-haul. Okay, maybe I’m excited. B will need a little more convincing that he won’t need the gym membership after beginning this. We didn’t really want to do this as a “new year’s resolution” per se, but that’s what its turning out to look like since we won’t actually be able to get into it until the 7th.

Today we spent all day doing cleaning of some sort. Cleaning the house (partially) and then cleaning out the rest of the stuff that was in my condo. Ugh, I hate moving. I hope we never have to move again…

Did you have a more exciting weekend than I?
If you do CF, have you ever done a workout like that?

5 thoughts on “No Longer A CrossFit Virgin!

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  3. I’ve taken two CrossFit classes and LOVED them. Unfortunately it’s not feasible for me to do it while on the road. (It’s hard to just walk into a box – they like to know you before they let you workout typically to be confident in your fitness level. Plus the $$$ is weird when you just want to do it once!) I’m really looking forward to finding a place when I move to Georgia later this year though. Glad you enjoyed it! It kicks your ass doesn’t it? I hope you get to keep up with it!

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