Unfinished Business.

I’ve been absent from your life for a while. Not sure if you noticed, but I thought I’d let you know.

There have been a multitude of things going on. One of which is learning how to use big words. Like multitude. Good stuff.

Christmas began 6 days early, via vacation, and has lasted another 3+ days, via sickness. I’ll explain.

On December 19 the 4 of us loaded up and headed south to Orlando to go to Disney. You know, that land of wondertastic princessism and magicness! We stayed there for 3 days. Sunday we headed back north but made a pit stop in Jacksonville to watch the Patriots play the Jaguars! That was a lot of fun!


We won. Barely. A shitty game. But a W is a W regardless of how ugly it was.

The sickness. Oh the gross crud that has infected my head and face. Ugh. Little M (unintentionally) gave me an early Christmas present. The Crud. You know that sickness that clogs up your sinuses and chest? Yup. Got it. That began while we were on our trip. And has lasted (so far) through today…

In the meantime of the past 2 weeks since I last posted, I’ve started (literally) 4 posts. Haven’t finished any of them. I may or may not finish them. Because at this point I can’t remember what they’re all about.

Something else that hasn’t been going down is my running. Seriously. I haven’t run in 2 weeks. That. Is. Bad. And oddly enough, I’m (kind of) 0kay with it. Which worries me. Am I okay because after 6 years of running I need a (big) break? Or am I okay with it because I’m turning laziery?

The laziness will not be here for long. Some exciting news.

Tomorrow B and I will go to our first CrossFit class!

I’m so stoked! And I’m probably alone in the excitement boat right now. This is something I’ve been reading so much about and been wanting to try for over a year now. Its the cost that has put me off. But now we’re at a point that we can afford it.

I know, to some people its a waste of money. To some people, they’d pay twice as much for it because they feel its worth it. I can get into all that, but that’s another topic for another day.

The plan is to still keep running. It just won’t be 4-5-or even-6 days of the week. At least not when starting CF.

Have you tried CF or are you a CF’r?
What were your first thoughts when you tried it?
Did you watch the Pats/Jaguars game?

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