Its (Not) Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

One of the best things about the holiday season? Even most companies get involved to help people feel the holiday cheer. So, my husband combined with DD really put me in the holiday spirit and I let him eat a couple of donuts. (So what if he bought them in the first place?) Bavarian cream? Yes please!


It is pretty difficult for any place (except Hawaii and SoCal) to feel like Christmas when you’re reaching 75 degrees. Three days in a row. Like the weatherman said on the news this morning, “Christmas in July? How about it feels like July in Christmas?” (Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration as July its about 175 degrees.)

On that note, I went running yesterday and I barely made it through 1.25 miles. My legs were heavy. I couldn’t get my breathing straight. And I was just a hot mess. Literally. I tried pushing through, but it really was just not working for me. I love running when its between 50 and 60; so when it hit 75, it was just too hot. So I made my dog suffer instead. She’s had so much energy lately, so I (finally) pumped my bike tires and took her for a run while a rode the bike. Yes, I actually pedaled; I didn’t make her do ALL the work. 😉 She came home, drank up 14 gallons of water and went to sleep.

Last night we went to B’s kid’s Christmas show then we grabbed a bite to eat. We made an impromptu date to an Italian restaurant that we’d never seen before. We only knew of it because we walked by it after the 5k.


The owner is from Sicily so the food has more of a Sicilian background; its not just pasta and sauce like from Olive Garden.


Do you seethe size of that drum light hanging from the ceiling?! I told B that we need one of those in our foyer. He said it was a bit much. Whatever.


I said I love the big bottle of wine “wall lights” and B said, “sconces?” Sheesh. Always so proper. He knew what I was talking about anyway…

Definitely hoping today’s run is nothing like yesterday’s and I can actually get a good run in.

What do you do when you’re having one of those “tough running” days; push through it or just turn around and go home?

Is it feel like Christmas where you are (where are you?!)?


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