A Place for Everything.

There is a place for everything and now all the presents that we (will) have will have a place right under the tree, and Santa will have a place to put his presents to us, also!


Ain’t she purty?! Snotface wasn’t sure what to think about all this, she was very weary of laying in her bed…next to the tree. We did get a blue spruce tree. My husband’s father was a tree farmer so he knows a thing (or 14) about trees. Its said that decorations hang better off of these trees because the branches are stronger. I think he just wanted me to bleed because these trees have some of the sharpest needles ever. Ouch.

I really love this house that we’re in because it just feels like home. That’s not really here nor there, but it makes Christmas a lot more cozy.

Yesterday we ran the Reindeer Run 5k in downtown Charleston which was a lot of fun! A and I ran together while M and B ran together. When A and I ran the Susan B. Komen 5k in October, our time was 41+ minutes. This Reindeer Run we crossed the finish line in 36:35! M improved his time by 5 minutes, also. I’m so proud of those boys and their little man legs!

Those boys want to continue doing these little races and I will (enthusiastically) encourage them! I told them that I will do little training runs with them to build up their mileage and endurance, first and foremost, and then we can work on time. I just don’t want to push them into running if they don’t want to.

Do you have your Christmas tree up? Do you have a real one or artificial? If its real, what kind of tree is it?

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