Posted in December 2012

No Longer A CrossFit Virgin!

Albeit, it was only a beginner’s class, but we had so much fun! We walked into the box and immediately the coach introduced himself, as did the 3 guys who just finished their WOD. Instantly I knew that everything I’d read about the comradery of CF’rs is true in this particular box. We stood around … Continue reading

Unfinished Business.

I’ve been absent from your life for a while. Not sure if you noticed, but I thought I’d let you know. There have been a multitude of things going on. One of which is learning how to use big words. Like multitude. Good stuff. Christmas began 6 days early, via vacation, and has lasted another … Continue reading

Moment of Silence

What happened Friday is indescribably tragic. All of my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives are forever changed.

Well, This Isn’t Going As Planned…

I really suck at achieving goals. Yes, even S.M.A.R.T. ones. “Save $x by the end of November.” “Plan at least 3 dinners this week and buy groceries on Sunday.” “Work out at least 4 days this week.” Which one of the above did I hit? None. Seriously. Because I suck and should just give up … Continue reading

A Place for Everything.

There is a place for everything and now all the presents that we (will) have will have a place right under the tree, and Santa will have a place to put his presents to us, also! Ain’t she purty?! Snotface wasn’t sure what to think about all this, she was very weary of laying in … Continue reading