True Calling.

Oh, I said I would cover at least three miles Wednesday? How ’bout 5.65 miles in a jiffy (for me) 52:40. (9:19 pace) That’s what’s up.

You know what else is up? The fact that eating roaches for a python is gross. This man  ate roaches for a python. He was dying to win that python. (Too soon?) So gross. Pretty sure I threw up in my mouth when I read the story. Moral of the story? Don’t breath while eating roaches. Duh.

I digress.

Yesterday, I covered a good 4.4 miles in 40:19 (9:09 pace). Say whaaa?! Phew. I feel like I am killing these miles! I love this cool weather. I can run faster and longer. Although I know I shouldn’t, at least not all the time. But I’m a rule breaker. Whatever.

Well, I’m a rule breaker until whatever I’m doing breaks me (down). I know I need to slow down on some runs, but I want to soak all this fastness in while I can. Lord knows, when the summer comes again, I’ll be looking at 10 minute miles. Again. And I know that’s okay, because its hot out. Wake up at 5 in the morning and its already 80*. I know I need to do some longer runs and really slow down my speed and then some days I know I need to be better at incorporating some real speedwork (read: dreadmill). Ugh. Whoever said running is an easy (not a lot involved) sport is a L-I-A-R.

Ha. I kid. I just tend to make it more complicated than it really needs to be. Story of my life. Give me anything and I can make it complicated. Guaranteed or your money back.

Right now I’m battling whether or not I want to run today. Only because I have a 5k Reindeer Run tomorrow morning. This is not, by any means, going to set any world personal records, as I’m running it with A (B’s eldest son). But I don’t want to be the one to hold him back by complaining like a little whimp that I’m tired and my legs hurt and I can’t go on. Not sure. Maybe I’ll hit up a little 3 miler today. Maybe I’ll rest. (See, complication.) I’ve run 10.05 miles in the past 2 days after not running for 4 days straight and being sick.

You know the best thing about being sick while simultaneously have a wonderful husband who can cook? Homemade soup, of course!

IMG_1344 v2

Tuscan Turkey Vegetable with Mini Farfalla, i.e. warm love and Heaven in a bowl.

Don’t ask me how to make it. Cuz I didn’t make it. And I don’t know. Sorry Charlie!

One thing I hate about the “fall back” hour is that the sun is all up in my eye holes when I’m driving to work. With sunglasses. But, that big ol’ sun does make for a good sunrise on the marshlands.

IMG_1347 v2

I know. Driving photography is my one true skill I have in life. Don’t hate.

Did you hear about the guy dying from choking on roach parts (after eating dozens of roaches)?

Do you have any upcoming holiday themed races/runs?

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