Yesterday was my husband‘s birthday. He’s officially an old man now. Again. 😉 (Love ya babe!) So what better way to celebrate than with his family, cake and presents?!

I didn’t take a picture, but the cake (I bought from Publix) was delicious! It was a Raspberry Elegance Cake. Raspberry is his favoritist flavor.

What do you get the man who is a Pats fan? Pats presents, of course!

Yes, his youngest is a goofball! B got a Pats tee, baseball cap, pj pants, a beanie, and a grill cover (not pictured…yet). His oldest gave him a card and the picture he drew on the inside was drawn like a true pro (compared to me!) … And it really cracks me up.

B’s concern … “Are you running me over?! Why is everyone but me behind the lawn mower?!” Whatever. That kid can draw whatever he wants. He’s got mad skills.

The last time I did any sort of run/workout was last Friday. And that burned the shit out of my lungs. Probably because I’m sick. That whole don’t-run-when-you’re-sick-below-the-neck-but-its-okay-if-its-above-the-neck-you’re-fine thing is the rule I went by. I didn’t feel anything below my neck. So I ran. Then I burned my lungs. They were on fiiiire! So I haven’t run since. Mostly because my sickcooties have infected my chest. Now I have a husky voice. And a smokers cough. Sexy.

I feel like I’ve gained 20 lbs (totally not true) and that I’ve lost all fitness that I’ve built up in the past 6 years (also totally not true). So I’m going to a run today. Not sure how long. At the very least, 3 miles.

But I have been moving around a good bit. The other day B and I put up some Christmas decorations! I didn’t take a pic because I didn’t think about it I’m lazy. Maybe later.

I still can’t believe I’m married. Lucky guy.

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