Happy (Leftover) Turkey Day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and gave thanks to at least one thing for which they were thankful. Here are the top 4 things I am most thankful for (obviously, I have a lot more!) in no specific order.

  1. U.S. Military (past and present) for fighting for our freedom to make us the greatest country!
  2. My family and my “family” – including the new family and those who I consider my family.
  3. My health and the fact that I am alive and healthy and able to run.
  4. My job – because so many people don’t have one and are struggling to make ends meet; and fortunately, I’m not in that situation.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving feast! There was an herb roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with herb infused cream and chives, bacon wrapped green beans with brown sugar, ham apple and shallot stuffing, gravy with mushrooms and homemade cranberry sauce.

I’d grace you with my wonderful photography skills, but I took the pics on B’s phone and I forgot to send them to myself…

My mother-in-law (still so weird to say!) made a delicious strawberry banana whip cream pie in a shortbread crust. So we had a slice of heaven that and a cuppa coffee for dessert.

So there’s this woman I’ve seen running in the neighborhood now a couple times and I want to meet her. The neighborhood is very small and very quiet so I’d like to meet someone else there who runs… Is it kosher if I stop her when I see her to strike up a conversation? I don’t want to interrupt her, but I don’t want to stalk to her to find out where she lives either. Maybe if I just stop her for a minute or two to introduce myself and set another time to get together and chat… Does that sound creepy? I sound sketchy, don’t I?

How was your Thanksgiving? What do you give thanks for?

Would you risk sounding sketchy to meet another runner in your neighborhood?

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