I Gots Me A Husband!

That’s really weird to say. But, its true.

B and I got married this past Saturday! I am so happy with him and I cannot imagine life without him and all that other mushy love stuff. Its all true.

It was a very small ceremony and dinner reception. Only about 16 people. We’re going to have a big party/cookout at our house after the new year to celebrate with er’rebody!

I felt like a princess in my dress and everytime I looked into a mirror, I thought I was looking at someone else. Someone who could’ve been a model in a magazine. (That’s a super weird feeling to have…I am not model behavior material.)

I will share pictures when I get them, but everything turned out wonderfully! It was beautifully put together and it all came out just as I expected it to.


5 thoughts on “I Gots Me A Husband!

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