Wurkin’ It.

I know I’m only 5 days late in posting a recap of the race, but honestly, I just haven’t conjured up the willingness to write it. I’ll get to it. Eventually. Maybe.

In other non-racing news, I’ve been hitting up the gym. Got to the gym the Wednesday before my race and did a little weight lifting. And *gasp!* I went the past two days! Tuesday I went, ran 4 miles (on the dreadmill) and wurked on my back, biceps and shoulders. Phew. Man o’ man, I was sure feeling it yesterday. Yesterday I got on the bike for 15 mins, the stairclimber for 5 and the elliptical for 10. No, I’m not indecisive. Wait. Yes I am. Am I? I know I need to build some muscle in my rear end and work my legs in other ways than just running so I wurked on my legs and hiney. Now my legs and hiney are sore. It feels so good to get back in the gym (I just hate dealing with the gym cardio machines…BOOORRRIINNGGG!).

Some girls deal with pain to look good in high heels. I deal with pain to look good in tight pants. We all have our priorities. Don’t judge me.

Speaking of judging, how ’bout that election. Yes, I’m about 2 days late on that. Story of my life. Because I’m old lame, I didn’t stay up to watch for the results. It makes me sad for society that people are so mean to one another for their political beliefs. Why can’t we just agree to disagree when we don’t care for one another’s candidate? Why do so many people resort to name calling and bashing because the other person doesn’t agree with them?

On to lighter topics, I’m almost all set for my wedding that is in 9 days! There are a lot of little things to take care of and line up, but all the big stuff is done (dress, venue, dinner, etc.). I’m so excited!

Do you go to a gym (or Crossfit) or just run?
Did you have a lot of people on your FB bashing the other political side?

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