Posted in November 2012

Day of Princessness

There are a few of my favorites things pictures. Because my other true calling was being a model (hello Givenchy and Vogue, I’m talking to you), I will share some of my (most favoritist so far) wedding day pictures.

True Calling.

Oh, I said I would cover at least three miles Wednesday? How ’bout 5.65 miles in a jiffy (for me) 52:40. (9:19 pace) That’s what’s up. You know what else is up? The fact that eating roaches for a python is gross. This man  ate roaches for a python. He was dying to win that … Continue reading


Yesterday was my husband‘s birthday. He’s officially an old man now. Again. 😉 (Love ya babe!) So what better way to celebrate than with his family, cake and presents?! I didn’t take a picture, but the cake (I bought from Publix) was delicious! It was a Raspberry Elegance Cake. Raspberry is his favoritist flavor. What … Continue reading

Happy (Leftover) Turkey Day!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and gave thanks to at least one thing for which they were thankful. Here are the top 4 things I am most thankful for (obviously, I have a lot more!) in no specific order. U.S. Military (past and present) for fighting for our freedom to make us the greatest … Continue reading

I Gots Me A Husband!

That’s really weird to say. But, its true. B and I got married this past Saturday! I am so happy with him and I cannot imagine life without him and all that other mushy love stuff. Its all true. It was a very small ceremony and dinner reception. Only about 16 people. We’re going to … Continue reading

A Race Recap (A Gagillion Days Late).

The 2nd Annual Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon was a much better race than the inaugural one. Like a million bagillion times better. I’ll do a comparison because then I can tell you why (I think) it was better. But not as much detail because I can’t remember it don’t want to bore you … Continue reading

Wurkin’ It.

I know I’m only 5 days late in posting a recap of the race, but honestly, I just haven’t conjured up the willingness to write it. I’ll get to it. Eventually. Maybe. In other non-racing news, I’ve been hitting up the gym. Got to the gym the Wednesday before my race and did a little … Continue reading

T-Minus …

30 minutes and I’m leaving for Savannah for the Half Marathon! 20 hours and 15 minutes before the gun goes off! Yeep! Excited!