Yup. Nope, Not Happening.

So. Remember just the other day I said that I was rethinking my plan of running a marathon in January?

Well, I’m sorry Kelly, I’m going back on what I said. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go forward with that marathon (at this point in my life).

I know there are several people who say its worth the training, but I just don’t feel like I can mentally and emotionally commit that much time to training. Its a lot of time! I have a long time to be ready to train for a marathon. I just am not even looking forward to running my half marathon that’s coming up in 5 days. Seriously. No excitement.

When I see I have a 8-10 mile run on my schedule, I immediate am not feeling it. I wish I could be super stoked about running a lot. I wish I could make the (mental) commitment to run on average 8 miles a day. I have the time, I just don’t feel like it. And when I don’t feel like it, then chances are, I won’t go through with it either.

And it may just be all this wedding/marriage stuff that’s got me in a tizzy of events. So even in the midst of training, I’ll be getting married. My MIL will be in town for two weeks. And I’ll be moving. It’s a lot to deal with when balancing high mileage runs.

When I’m ready to train for a marathon, I want to put my heart into it. I don’t want to train just so I can say I’m training. I want to make it count.

Also, because, as I said before, I want to get back into to the gym. I want to build my muscles again. I’m not talking about body building. I am talking about losing fat, gaining muscle and at least looking toned. I want to focus a lot on my eating habits and what I’m putting in my body to fuel it. Honestly, I don’t give a damn about what I’m putting in my body when I’m focused on just reaching a certain amount of miles. I use it to give myself an excuse, “OH! I just ran 18 bagillion miles, I can eat 1300 cookies!”

Here’s what I’m thinking. I ix-nay the marathon planning (maybe drop to the half distance…). I get into the gym at least 3 days a week (still running outside after lifting). I eat better and get in a good rhythm of all that. THEN when I’m ready for a marathon, I will have all these good habits on my side to keep me properly fueled and keep me strong.

I do want to run a marathon sometime in the next 2 years. Maybe I will do this marathon in 2014. Maybe. Maybe I’ll change my mind about running a marathon and do it in 2013. Maybe. All in time. And I’m a female, so I can change my mind about changing my mind and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Whatevs. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yup. Nope, Not Happening.

  1. Sorry to hear this!! But, if you aren’t feeling it then you shouldn’t be doing it! Running should be fun and enjoyable and if it’s not then whats the point? There are thousands of marathons that go on every year- you can always try again when you are more into it!!

  2. “When I see I have a 8-10 mile run on my schedule, I immediate am not feeling it… I wish I could make the (mental) commitment to run on average 8 miles a day.” Yeah, I definitely understand this feeling though! I’d really love to join a running group because I hear it pulls you out of those slumps, but because I travel so much it’s not feasible. Definitely wait to do a marathon until you’re excited about it, since training is 90% of the whole experience!!!

    • I guess the neat thing about traveling is that when you run you get to see different scenery all the time! I will definitely keep the marathon in the back of my mind and will train for one when I feel like I am ready to dedicate myself to it. 🙂

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