Stigma of (Skinny) Runners.

Tuesday I ran 6.15 miles in 57:25 (9:20 m/m).

Wednesday I ran 4.1 miles in 40:53 (10:13 m/m).

Thursday was a rest day.

Its amazing to me how completely different these two runs were! Tuesday, I felt great and strong! Wednesday, well, wednesday just SUCKED ASS! Seriously. My chest was burning, I couldn’t get a good pace. My legs hurt. It was just over all not a good run. I did it and I walked a lot.

Today I’ve got some wedding things to do. Because OH YEAH! We moved our wedding date up to Nov 17!!! So there are a lot of things on my plate that I’m trying to take care of. THEREFORE (I feel so smart when I use that word!) I’m not running today because after I take care of wedding things, B and I are going to the fair. The fair is in town! The fair is in town! We’re going to see the Marshall Tucker Band. And I’m going to down a deep fried Snickers. Don’t judge me.


Nothin’ but ooey gooey snickers inside that fried batter! Mmm-mmm!! Its only once a year!

Which makes me think back to this day in my life. No wonder why I have ass. Like B would say, “get off my case, toiletface!” (Side note, he regrets ever introducing me to that phrase.)

In any case. Apparently there is a stigma about runners. We’re all skinny. We’re all always food/calorie conscious. We never indulge in cake, cookies, or other yummy goodness. We always eat salads and we think of broccoli as dessert. Pssh. Bitch please!

Go to any local 5k, 10k or half marathon I guarantee there are people of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, colors, background, etc.

Yes, I’m a thin one. But you know something, my mother was, too. There are people out there who are triathletes and can run circles around me, but may have 50+ lbs on me. I’m so sick of people thinking that ONLY skinny people run. And this comes from people who don’t seem to give two thoughts to what they put in their bodies. I don’t know. Maybe its because it makes them feel better about not working out. “I’m not skinny, so I can’t run.” I’m not them (and I run) so I don’t know.

Am I (and most other runners) generally health conscious? Yes. Does that mean we never let ourselves enjoy ooey gooey goodness? Absolutely not! Every night I have a snack of some sort. And I don’t mean strawberries. Or other fruit for dessert. I’m not even talking about yogurt. I’m talking about Oreos and milk. Or ice cream. Or brownies. Or pie. Or even deep fried snickers, for cryin’ out loud! I acknowledge there are some people out there who count every calorie that goes in (I used to be one of them…) and they will not allow themselves to slip up. But I don’t believe every runner is like that. Thin or not.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad with chicken and balsamic dressing. But I also love a good steak with mashed potatoes. Or a good heavy Italian dish.

I guess it keep coming back to the ol’ tried a true EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. But not runner is a skinny, salad-eating, calorie-counting freak and I wish people would stop thinking that. It goes both ways… Not every person who is considered “overweight” is an obese, unhealthy, careless-eating “pig,” either.

This may or may not offend some people. My intention is never to offend, but to see the fact that people are different. Two people can do the same things, but look completely different. Don’t judge what people do/don’t do based on their appearances…

Now, if you’ll excuse me and my ranting behind, I’m off to the fair to eat a fatty calorie laden deep fried snickers with chocolate sauce.

3 thoughts on “Stigma of (Skinny) Runners.

  1. Hey thanks for linking back to me. My night at the Montana Fair was definitely not in moderation but hey you don’t do stuff like that every day.

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