Much More Gooder.

Last post I told you that I had to skip a planned day of running (when I actually felt good) because my achilles tendon was actin’ a fool. I was hoping it wasn’t going to after a full day of rest because I had to do my last long run before my half…

I got home after work Friday and snotface decided to kill her squirrel. Again. This time by drowning. But the squirrel has no head (snotfact took care of that months ago).

Then when we come home from her walk, she wants water. And looks up at me like I put the damn thing in there! She’s neurotic.

Saturday morning was a dark and early start. Had to be up by 5:30 to get ready for the Susan B. Komen local 5k. And my feet/heels/achilles tendon felt so much more gooder! It was chilly with the temps being in the mid 50’s at 8:30. And I didn’t take pics. Because I suck at life picture-taking for blogging. Or I’m lazy.

The gun went off at exactly 9:15 and A (B’s oldest son) and I ran together. We didn’t cross the official start line until 5 minutes into the race. I am so proud of him though! He ran almost an entire 2 miles before he wanted to break for a walk. He’s 11! We walked for a few minutes and then we started back up. He had a cramp. For the last 1.1 miles we were on-again-off-again running. Which is totally fine with me. He kept apologizing for walking though. I told him not to worry because I’m slow and its meaningless for me to run anyway I run a lot more than he does and he needs to not push it too hard so he doesn’t hurt himself. We finished up the 5k in 42:23 (13:40 m/m).

Finished up the rest of my 12 11.25 mile long run at home with an additional 8.25 miles run. My left knee was really, really sore and my feet were killing me. I don’t think I need to wear my Mizuno Musha’s on long runs anymore.

Got home, showered, and put on my ProCompression socks (that I got for my birthday!). I was a definite cutie walking around that afternoon with my jean shorts, knee high compression socks and grey Toms. Yes. I should be on the cover of Elle. My agent will get right on that.

B, his boys and I went to the movies Saturday night to see Here Comes the Boom. So funny. Its PG so its definitely kid friendly, but it was a good “clean” movie for adults, too. It’s not kiddie. If that makes sense.

And there’s a big spinning cow that has caught my dog’s eye. I think she knows where steak comes from…

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