You know what’s aggravating and annoying? Well besides these people.

Feeling good and anticipating a good, long run so much that I can almost taste it. Only to not be able to run it.

See, what had happened was…

Tuesday, I went for a nice long-ish run of 8 miles, in 1:18:02 (9:34 m/m). Felt SO good! I wanted to keep going, but I would’ve sucked up some of my “get ready” time since I had a dinner date with my friend A. And I’m sure she’d appreciate that I showered. We were eating and I didn’t want anyone to lose their appetite.

Anywho. Yesterday, I was going to cover an easy 3.5 miles, but I had some tight hammies so I decided to take my dog for a long walk and do some easy stretches. Also ended up getting quite the work out from doing housework (4 loads of laundry, vacuuming, dishes, dusting… Phew!).

Woke up this morning. Feet hit the floor. And it hurt to walk. It hurt in my left hamstring. My left calf. And both heels (more so in the left). I hadn’t really ever dealt with issues with physical injuries from running and needless to say, this is not something I was expecting.

I think my achilles tendon is giving me some issues. It hurts to put pressure on both heels, the thin part of my heel (connecting to my half) is a little sore to the touch. And in general, when sitting, its just a dull soreness. It is quite comical having to walk on the balls of my feet all over work.

I’m supposed to run 12 miles today after work. Ain’t happenin. And this is something that REALLY bites because I hadn’t done a long distance (10+ miles) run in quite some time. (Totally my fault.) And this is the last long run scheduled before my half marathon. In two weeks. I also have a Susan G. Komen 5k run tomorrow. Kinda nervous. Nervous about my feet. Not the run.

So, plan B has arrived. I know I need to rest them in order to reduce the chances of furthering damaging my feetsies. I’m going to (hopefully) feel better tomorrow, do the 5k (easy since I’m tagging along with B’s 11 yr old son), get my legs stretched out and warmed up a little bit. Depending on how the 5k goes (assuming I am able to do it) I may finish up the other 9 miles afterwards OR just run 10-12 on Sunday. Just depends on this damn foot!

Stoopid fuut.

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