My Marriage to Running

Running and I have been together for roughly 8 years now. We went steady for 2 years to make sure this was something we both wanted for the long run, decided we were good for each other, and we’ve been married now for 6 years.

Like any relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve had very rocky and rough times and we’ve had wonderful and unforgettable times.

Our honeymoon was great. We were together everyday. Sometimes Running decided what to do and sometimes I decided what to do. Even when we came off of our “honeymoon high” (pretty sure I just made that up) we were always together. We were so happy that we decided to wed. Then the inevitable happened.

We had an argument. We decided not to speak to one another. Mostly because I was stubborn and didn’t want to deal with Running. After a couple of days I apologized and we made up. With make up sex running. We were on good terms again. Great, actually. I made sure to see Running at least 60 minutes every morning before work and the day got too hectic to spend some time with one another.

This wonderful time lasted for quite a while. Meanwhile, we ended up growing apart. We I evolved as an individual while Running stayed the same. Which is not a bad thing, as I fell in love with Running exactly as-is. Running didn’t need to change. My personal evolution began when life became very stressful (more so than usual) and I was anxiety ridden with a multitude of things. I should’ve turned to Running with my problems, as Running has always been there for me. But I didn’t. Instead, I had an emotional affair, which took its toll on me. This affair left me hungry, thirsty and tired since I wasn’t eating, drinking or sleeping enough. (I wasn’t handling my anxiety well.)

This affair lasted for about a month. I finally had to tell my anxiety who was boss and took control. I rekindled my dwindling flame with Running. We talked through it. Decided to start back slowly and talk about problems as they headed our way.

Its been about two years since I had this little affair on Running, but we’re back and we’re still going strong. There are days we will spend 2 hours with one another. There are days we will only spend 30 minutes with one another. There are days when I just don’t feel like dealing with our marriage, but I know that Running is always there for me, no matter what I do. Its an unconditional love we have for one another. I think this marriage will work out “’til death do us part.”

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