Hot Diggity!

That was a good birthday! πŸ™‚ By the way, thanks to those who wished me happy birthday. I’m 21. For the upmth time.

First B, M and I went downtown and did a little shopping. First we had to get little M some little man shoes and belt. So we walked into a shoe store. Well, a man ought to know, you don’t take a girl into a shoe store… Especially on her birthday! Why, you ask? Oh, I need these! I’ll get them as a birthday gift from myself! Just sayin’. I did buy some sassy grey boots and a sexy pair of blue stilettos. I even wore the heels out for my birthday dinner date.

After shoes, we went a grabbed a bite to eat at this place called Leaf. It was super good. I got the caprese salad with grilled chicken.

And the bloody mary was amazing. They use Effen Cucumber vodka. Oh it was so good. I had two.Β Rumor has it, runners need more sodium. πŸ˜‰

As it turned out, I only had one date for the night rather than two. My other one cancelled because he wanted to spend the night with his buddies, vice playing dress up. Then again, I don’t know many 9 year old boys that do like the dress up. But I liked it! Sometimes I have the mind of a 9 year old boy

Not sure what’s going on with his possum eyes, but he sure does clean up nicely!

Filet Mignon with cabernet and fig reduction
and a side of summer squash and tomatoes

Chocolate souffle and a strawberry with a candle for my birthday!

B also got me tickets to go see Ron White in January! Now the big decision remains: who do I take with me? Hmm… Don’t worry honey, you have a good chance. But you have to be nice to me… πŸ˜‰

Then yesterday came around. After such a fun day and long night, I knew I wasn’t going to feel like running. So I didn’t. Call me lazy because that’s what it was. Just laziness. We went to a friends house to watch the game.

Buffalo chicken dip
Chili cheese dip
Grilled chicken

What game?! Patriots vs. Bills. Just so happens these friends are sorry Bills fans. They thought they had us at half time when we were down 7-21.

So dang cute! He was taking shots. Of juice!

We (over 21 years of age) were taking shots everytime our team got a TD. At first B and I were disappointed. We were almost at the point where we’d take a shot for just getting a first down. Then we hit second half. No, we weren’t doing shots when the Bills got a TD. That’s like celebrating for them.

And I had to stop after the fourth TD. Woof.

Number 6…

I feel your pain, babe, I feel your pain.

But we came back and we came back strong in the second half! Threw it down like Charlie Brown with a 52-28 win. Booyah, that’s whats up! But B wasn’t feeling so good… He must’ve put on his big boy panties that morning because he took those shots like a pro!

Did you watch any games this weekend? Who’s your team? Do you like dressing up (on occasion)?

2 thoughts on “Hot Diggity!

  1. Happy birthday!! My birthday was on Sunday!! I had an awesome weekend camping and hiking with my fiance so no dressing up for me, saving that for later this week when I celebrate with some girlfriends!!!

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