Back to the Basics. And PB.

I’ve taken a good, long, and hard look at my blog. And its gotten a bit off track and out of control.

There are a few reasons I wanted to start a blog.

1. Keep track of my workouts and running
Keep track of what I B was cooking and what I was eating
3. Post randoms tidbits I’ve learned about exercising and eating right
4. Post pictures of my dog
5. Entertain myself with the thought that someone else would be slightly interested in all the random and boring things that are my life 🙂

On that note, I have the full intention of posting more about what I eat. I also plan to incorporate more weights and/or CrossFit type training.

So let’s get to it then, shall we?

Yesterday after work I ran. My schedule called for 5 miles, and I planned to do a 5.15 mile loop but my stomach was giving me, um, issues, and my legs were super not-feeling-it. So I cut the run to 4.25 miles, 39:42 = 9:20 m/m. Which is definitely a bit slower than yesterday with 8:50 m/m… Which goes back to what I talked about yesterday: easy runs!

Dinner was a pretty easy make.

Although it doesn’t look very appetizing it was tasty… I took this recipe and revised to work for me, as I didn’t have any artichoke hearts (which I’m sure would’ve made this taste so much gooder). Sauteed some mushrooms in olive oil, then threw in some already-cooked-chicken, capers, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and served over wild rice.

And yes. Gooder is a word. Look it up.

Sat out on my porch and did a little reading yesterday evening while my dog took watch.

Didn’t realize how tiny she looks! But isn’t she just the cutest?! Oh gosh. My heart melts.

Then for a little dessert snack (dessert is too decadent of a word for what I ate) I had a spoonful of chocolate Better’n Peanut Butter. Have you had this stuff?! Its so good! I doesn’t really taste like peanut butter, though. The taste of it reminds me a bit of PB2 with the consistency of uncooked, refrigerated brownie batter. Don’t ask me how I know what uncooked, refrigerated brownie batter tastes like as it is self-explanatory. Don’t judge me. I am all about some nut butter. It was a bit pricey at HT, but it was on sale and cheaper than the Peanut Butter & Co’s dark chocolate dreams. AND this stuff is only 100 calories vs 190 for regular PB. I guess it really matters if one eats a lot of nut butter… Like me.

Breakfast this morning was of the grab-and-go variety. Coffee (the norm) and  a CLIF bar. More specifically the coconut chocolate chip… De. Lish. Us.

Have you ever started something with good intentions then it get a little off track? What did you do to get it back?


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