Small Minds.

Small minds are easily amused and entertained. Example: yours truly.

Only a few moments ago, literally about 10 minutes, did I realize that I can change the color of my font. Oh, this makes me so happy. Almost as happy as I would be living on this…


Sigh, a girl can dream.

Yesterday after work I ran a good 4.25 miles in 37:30. That’s a steady 8:50 m/m. Of which I am very proud. I do note that during my training, I do need to have “easy” days on which I will need to run a slower pace for a shorter distance to help stretch out after the long runs.

Sometimes I have difficulty keeping up with this concept. I feel like if I don’t push hard during every single run I have, then I will end up slowing down. This thought crushes my little running ego. I was ecstatic when I broke the 9:30 m/m barrier and the same feeling swept over me when I broke 9:00 m/m and so on and so forth. What I will ultimately do to myself, if I do not take advantage of having easy days, is the exact thing I want to avoid: slowing down.

This article from, I think, gives a good summary of why easy runs do a body good. Some points that I think are good about easy running (not all of these are in the aforementioned article):

1. Easy runs get blood flowing to damaged muscles for repair.
2. Easy runs help to stretch out the legs and to pump the lactic acid out (although I’ve read that lactic acid levels return to normal with an hour after a run).
3. Easy runs will help speed a person up, because you can run all out balls-to-the-wall all the time.

**I’m not a doctor, so these points are from my perspective and what I have interpreted from reading several articles. Different things work for different people. As always, you should consult with a real physician before starting any exercise regime.**

Does anyone else have problems when it comes to slowing down for easy runs?

3 thoughts on “Small Minds.

    • 1. When you make a new post, look above the text box at the options, the one to the far right says “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink.” Click on that and you will see more options, like changing font color!
      2. I do suppose when you’re training for a marathon, the distance/endurance is a little more important than speed πŸ™‚

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