Decisions. Decisions.

Again, I rocked my run yesterday. I ran 4.25 miles in 37:12. That’s a speedy (for me) 8:45 m/m. Holy smokes. I am on fii-yah!

All (two of) these speedy afternoon runs have me thinking. Am I really better off running in the afternoon? I’m at a tough decision-ed crossroads here. I know consistency is key, regardless of when I run/workout. Honestly though, I’m just torn. I’ve always considered myself a morning runner, ‘cept in the winter, because, let’s face it, its too cold at 5:15 AM, even in the south. What can I say? I am a weenie with thin blood. Don’t judge me.

My runs in the mornings are considerably slower than my afternoon runs. On average, I am running about 9:48 – 10:00 pace in the morning, whereas the past two afternoon runs I’ve done have been less than a 9:30 pace. I don’t know what to do!


Sheesh. First world problems here.

So here’s a nifty little pros/cons list I’ve put together… (I’m so technologically advanced, it hurts.)

And if my math is right (let’s hope it is…I was an accounting major), I have more pros for the PM and more cons for the AM. I know there are more than I can put under any of the four categories, but obviously I’m not that great at putting my thoughts into words. Some of these cancel the other out and others can be “fixed.” I’m not going to go into details about each one because I believe I already lullaby you into a sleep…

However, in my stroke of genius thought I devised a plan. During non-daylight savings time times I will work earlier hours… That will get me running in the afternoons without other obligations (meeting up with friends, running an errand, etc.) getting “in the way.”

There was a very smart and important person who one day said

Although come to think of it, I’ve said that a few times too…

I just have to remind myself that consistency is key, regardless of when I run. As long as I get it done, that’s what really matters.

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Or any plans at all?

Other than a long run tomorrow morning and watching (what I can) of the Patriots game Sunday night, its going to be a fairly “on-the-fly” type weekend.


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