Girl’s Got Ass…

I did exactly what I told you (and convinced myself of) yesterday; I went for that solid 7 mile run. And I felt fabulous. I knocked it out in 1:05:10, an average of 9:18 m/m. Pretty sure that’s the fastest per mile in a 5+ mile run I’ve ever had. Ever. Because I’m awesome like that. FYI: I’d be offended if I wasn’t your running hero. (I really am so full of myself :D)

After my run I did a teensy bit of strength stuff in my living room. I did 20 reps of bridges, 10 pushups, 15 bridges, 10 pushups, 10 bridges, 10 pushups. Oh, you don’t know what a “bridge” is? Its oh-so-sexy, that’s what it is.


It just reeks of raw sexuality. My dog was so embarrassed for me that I’m pretty sure she was laying on her bed crying while I was doing these…she was no where to be found.

My plan was to wake up early this morning to go for a 4.5 mile run… As usual, my planning sucks. I didn’t wake up early enough. And when I did finally stumble out of bed, my hamstrings and shoulders and upper back were sore. Then I thought, damn I’m weak, I really need to do more strength training. Yeah. I’ve told myself heard that one before.

But let’s rewind and do an instant replay of 30 seconds of my run…

I was running (duh, I said that already), and I passed by two women who were fairly large. One of them said to me, “I wish I could do what you’re doing.” To which I replied, “its just one foot in front of the other.” Then one said to the other (not quietly) “it’s always the skinny ones out a’running ’round.” Then one of the women said, “‘Cept that one has an ass on her.” For a split second I thought of yelling out, “I can still hear you!” But I didn’t. I pondered for the rest of my run: was that a compliment or an insult? Did they make that observation because I have a jiggly behind? Or because I’m a petite female but I do have a rather large posterior in comparison to the rest of my body (not J-Lo large, mind you).


Have you ever been commented on within ear shot (regardless of working out or not)? Was it meant as a compliment?

3 thoughts on “Girl’s Got Ass…

  1. I’m pretty sure they meant it as a compliment.. I wouldn’t be worried… But can we go back to their comment on “it’s always the skinny ones out a’running ’round.” Maybe we are skinny BECAUSE we run.. People sometimes make me laugh. Cute story though! I love the strange things that happen while you are running!

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