Posted in September 2012

It’s My Party

And I won’t run if I don’t want to! More like I won’t run because I’m too sore! Whoda thunk that not running consistently during the summer really would’ve taken this sort of toll on my body? (Obvi, I’m totally, like, joking.) More on that in a bit. Let’s enjoy a cuppa coffee, each others … Continue reading

Back to the Basics. And PB.

I’ve taken a good, long, and hard look at my blog. And its gotten a bit off track and out of control. There are a few reasons I wanted to start a blog. 1. Keep track of my workouts and running 2. Keep track of what I B was cooking and what I was eating … Continue reading

Small Minds.

Small minds are easily amused and entertained. Example: yours truly. Only a few moments ago, literally about 10 minutes, did I realize that I can change the color of my font. Oh, this makes me so happy. Almost as happy as I would be living on this… (Source) Sigh, a girl can dream. Yesterday after … Continue reading

Wrong Girlfriend?

Friday I used as a rest day. I briefly thought about running after work but squashed the thought since I was going to do my long run Saturday morning. Needed to rest my legs. I woke up ready and refreshed Saturday morning. Although I mapped out and planned to do an 8 mile long run … Continue reading

Decisions. Decisions.

Again, I rocked my run yesterday. I ran 4.25 miles in 37:12. That’s a speedy (for me) 8:45 m/m. Holy smokes. I am on fii-yah! All (two of) these speedy afternoon runs have me thinking. Am I really better off running in the afternoon? I’m at a tough decision-ed crossroads here. I know consistency is … Continue reading

Girl’s Got Ass…

I did exactly what I told you (and convinced myself of) yesterday; I went for that solid 7 mile run. And I felt fabulous. I knocked it out in 1:05:10, an average of 9:18 m/m. Pretty sure that’s the fastest per mile in a 5+ mile run I’ve ever had. Ever. Because I’m awesome like … Continue reading


(Source) Funky Chicken. Good. Funky Town. Good. (Source) Funky mood. Not good. Not really sure what’s going on with me today. Just in a funky mood. Not a bad mood. Not a good mood. Like an “off” day. I voted to stay home and sleep in and try again tomorrow, but the world wouldn’t hear … Continue reading

Consistency > Time.

To start: I did not run this morning. I was supposed to but my allergies had me all congested and I could hardly breathe. Very sexy: bedhead and snot. So I slept in a little and I will run this afternoon. There are so many studies and articles and opinions out there about when the … Continue reading

I Won’t Quit My Day Job.

The only thing I have to say about my 11 day absence (just after a previous long absence) is that I’m lucky this isn’t my day job. Otherwise I’d be fired and broke. No way to be. Broke is a feeling I’m used to, but fired I am not. After there is such a long … Continue reading

Exciting Stuff.

Like I said yesterday, its been nearly two weeks since I last posted something. Two weeks. I am a total slacker. I’ve done a few runs here and there, although not as much as I should or would like. I’m sure you’re just dying with anticipation about what’s going on in my life that is … Continue reading