Law of Gravity.

Fortunately for me (unfortunately for you, otherwise this would actually be kind of entertaining to read) this is not a post about me falling. C’mon I almost shattered my knee cap the other day. Really, I don’t need to fall, too.

Law of Gravity: What goes up, must come down. We learned in 3rd grade that Isaac Newton was a Mr. Smartypants and came up with theories, hypothesis, and all kinds of other stuff regarding gravity. However, when he discovered this, he was talking about material objects: balls, sticks, etc. What he didn’t know when he discovered this was that this was also going to be applicable to my bank account 335 years later.

Case in point: I got paid yesterday. Then I went to Costco. Well, we all know what happens at Costco. Don’t even kid yourselves. AND I had to get gas. AND I had to pay bills. So. My bank account balance went up. Then it went right back down. Story of my life.

Pity, party of one!

To make me feel better, B made dinner last night. He’s such a good man. Chicken marsala spanish wine. The store he went to didn’t have marsala, and he wasn’t making another stop during rush hour to get it. So he got creative. He’s good like that. And bought some spanish wine instead and did some magic on the stove with it to make it more like a maralsa.

Oh..and in case I didn’t tell you.. WE’RE COMPLETELY OUT OF THE OLD HOUSE! Phew! Such a good feeling!

Sayonara House!

By the way, no running or working out has happened. Because I’m lame. So. I won’t bore you (even more) with the self-loathing I have going on because I just can’t get with it in the morning… (Plus I know its my own fault.)

I digress. Have a fantasome Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “Law of Gravity.

  1. Haha! I love the idea of Newton’s Law being applied to your bank account–mine does the same thing…so exciting to see upwards of 4 digits in there on payday, but then it quickly dwindles back down 😦 Adulthood sucks!

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