Commencement of Training!

Good Monday morning to you, kids!

Last post I said I would update workouts when I could. Well, now I can. What better time? Lucky you.

Let me preface by saying that up until last Thursday, I hadn’t run in 2 weeks. Yes. Two. Likely excuse: I was helping B move. Still. (I don’t think it will ever be over, by the way.) And making trips until 9 at night and then grabbing something to eat and not getting any zzz’s until 11 pm on a weeknight does not make for a good plan to wake up at 5:15.

In any case, I ran last Thursday for the first time at B’s new place. I did a solid 3.6 miles in about 39:00 (no watch). Slow. But it was a good run to get me back at it. Hell, after two weeks and suddenly waking up feeling 20 years older (hello crackly knees and achy back!), I think I did pretty damn good.

Thursday night I stayed at my place and Friday morning I ran 4.3 miles in 44:31. Well, at least I ran. 🙂 Then I did a CrossFit inspired workout that I pulled from this list. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 burpees and situps (#47) followed by some lunges. I thought I was going to die a total badass. I was panting. I was sweating. It was difficult, I’m not going to lie. But just like pretty much anything else in life, it doesn’t get easier unless I work at it.

Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t do any formal workouts… But still helped B with moving. This weekend the focus was on the garage. All the heavy stuff is moved. All the hard work is done. The garage has been swept, cobwebs gone, and most stuff is out of it. Then I was the nicest person ever and let him buy me dinner…and frozen yogurt. 😉 That’s just how I roll. He’s so lucky.

Chicken Yaki Soba

Sunday was supposed to be the official beginning of my half-marathon training program… So I started today…

This morning I ran 2.45 miles in 23:32. Much happier about this time.

By the way, I almost bled to death this weekend. So many cuts and bruises!

First of all, my toe almost fell off when I tripped up the stairs and stubbed it into the edge of cement stair. (Yes, I trip up stairs and I’m sober, don’t judge.) Turns out, I just cracked my toenail. Bruce wasn’t concerned.

THEN I was walking through the new yard and a stick attacked me and the same foot that has the broken toe(nail) was almost cut in half.

AND THEN I was walking through the house and knocked my hand on the edge of a door and scalped the skin off my knuckle, I could almost see my bone.

And to top it all off, I just about shattered my knee cap when I took a load of shizz to the dump banged it against the dumpster.

Whatever. It all hurt. Don’t judge me for having gnarly feet and hands being dramatic.

Hope you all had a much better weekend then I. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Commencement of Training!

  1. i love your blog, it’s a refreshing change from the typical self absorbed blogs all over the net…you definitely made me laughing

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