Time? Where?

My, my, my, where does the time go? And if anyone has found mine, please let me know. I’m very interested in getting it back.

No. Seriously.
All of these days have been one huge blur. Is it Friday or Monday? I can’t tell the difference. Its hot. I’m sweaty. And there are a lot of boxes that need to be moved.

Alas, here it is: Tuesday. The day after my 3 1/2 day weekend. The weekend when I took 12 hours vacation to help my fiance move. Because I’m the nicest girlfriend he has ever. That actually even makes me laugh. What a joke. In any case, its Tuesday. I went back to work. Not the physical, heavy-lifting, mule-doing labor that I’d been doing since noon Friday. But the brain teasing, reading through documents, and running numbers type of labor. Phew. More taxing than the physical stuff, I do believe. At least with the physical labor, I don’t have to worry about eating that extra chip because I hadn’t been sitting on my rear end all day. And not having to strain use my brain as much is pretty convenient…since there’s not a lot up there anyway.

So. Most of the stuff is in the house. Most of that stuff is set up. Pics to come.

Working out? Oh. Other than the 49,798 trips up and down stairs and lifting boxes, work benches, and teddy bears, I haven’t done anything. I’m so lazy. I’ve mapped out a run to do tomorrow morning. I need to pick it up before I forget how to run.

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