On the Move – Part Trois. Nothing New.

Seriously. Nothing. New. Because my life is exciting like that. Still packing. Boxing. And moving. Still haven’t run. Because my legs are tired. Stupid stairs. Who thought beach-house type houses were practical if you weren’t living ON the beach?!

In any case… I’ve been so bad. I’m so behind on emails and reading blogs. I’m terrible at stalking keeping up with blogs while being so busy with moving! I hope this weekend we’ll have everything moved. The past week we’ve just been loading up his truck and/or my car and taking stuff over to the new house. Tomorrow he’s renting a big ol’ U-Haul and we’re gonna stuff all kinds of stuff in there. And because we’re going to be down a guy to move the heavy stuff, B looked into getting a moving company to move just the furniture and big stuff (fridge, washer, dryer, sofas, etc.). My back (and his) will love him forever.

So will my feet. After all, I have a hard enough time walking (on flat ground) without tripping… Give me one end of a sofa to move down stairs and we’re all screwed. Someone’s getting run over with a couch. Just sayin’.



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