On the Move – Part Deux

Oh hi! What have I been up to? Packing. Boxing. Moving.

So, I had a little treat from Argentina.

Made a little protein shake.

3/4 C 2% milk
1 frozen medium banana
sprinkle of cinnamon
dollop of vanilla
1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein
1 1/2 T peanut butter

Friday evening we went and booked our venuefor the ceremony and reception!! While we were there we ate dinner… B had the seafood bowl.

I had a chicken salad but with fancy stuff (that I can’t remember at this point…)

Off the chizz-ain!

Do you know how I know I’ve been busting my behind with physical labor? Because I fall asleep at 9:20 on the couch, only to crawl in bed at 10 and not remember my alarm clock going off at 5:15.

This past weekend B and I moved a bunch of stuff to his new house.

Me and my new frannds. Boxes will listen to me allll day!!

Even Snotface was pooped from being so antsy!

But all this tiredness and soreness is SO going to be worth it! So in love with this house…

I’ll take you on a tour.

The foyer

The formal dining room

The greatroom

The kitchen

The 6 burner gas stove I can’t for B to use to cook me meals!

The breakfast nook

The beautiful view from the back porch


…in fact this house may be the reason I want to let B marry me. I know. I’m so kind. He’s so lucky. 😉

Although my running has been suffering, because I apparently sleep through my alarms, I’ve definitely been getting some cardio in. Hello stairs! And some weightlifting. Loaded boxes, anyone?

I hope you all have been wonderful and keeping up with your workouts. In other words, I hope I’m not your role model.

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