Posted in August 2012

Law of Gravity.

Fortunately for me (unfortunately for you, otherwise this would actually be kind of entertaining to read) this is not a post about me falling. C’mon I almost shattered my knee cap the other day. Really, I don’t need to fall, too. Law of Gravity: What goes up, must come down. We learned in 3rd grade … Continue reading

Commencement of Training!

Good Monday morning to you, kids! Last post I said I would update workouts when I could. Well, now I can. What better time? Lucky you. Let me preface by saying that up until last Thursday, I hadn’t run in 2 weeks. Yes. Two. Likely excuse: I was helping B move. Still. (I don’t think … Continue reading

Working hard…

…or hardly working. Yes. She’s been working so hard. It’s tough supervising her humans. I did get in a few sexy sweat sessions. I’ve done some running and some home grown crossfit inspired stuff. I’ll update on that at a later date. You know, when we’re not on the road moving stuff from house 1 … Continue reading

Time? Where?

My, my, my, where does the time go? And if anyone has found mine, please let me know. I’m very interested in getting it back. No. Seriously. All of these days have been one huge blur. Is it Friday or Monday? I can’t tell the difference. Its hot. I’m sweaty. And there are a lot … Continue reading

On the Move – Part Trois. Nothing New.

Seriously. Nothing. New. Because my life is exciting like that. Still packing. Boxing. And moving. Still haven’t run. Because my legs are tired. Stupid stairs. Who thought beach-house type houses were practical if you weren’t living ON the beach?! In any case… I’ve been so bad. I’m so behind on emails and reading blogs. I’m … Continue reading

On the Move – Part Deux

Oh hi! What have I been up to? Packing. Boxing. Moving. So, I had a little treat from Argentina. Made a little protein shake. 3/4 C 2% milk 1 frozen medium banana sprinkle of cinnamon dollop of vanilla 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein 1 1/2 T peanut butter Blend Enjoy! Friday evening we went and … Continue reading

On the Move

I did some running. I did some not running. I will recap ASAP. This weekend has been spent helping B pack up and begin moving his things into his new pad. Needless to say, things have been cray cray busy! I hope all you people have had a fabulous weekend! And in the meantime, enjoy … Continue reading

Bright Lights!

I know. I suck. That’s okay. There are some pretty important things happening right now. Yes. Wedding planning. The girl who swore up and down that she wouldn’t get married is getting married. What can I say. I’m It’s kind of a big deal. I like to tell myself I know what I’m doing… Honestly … Continue reading