Princess Snotface.

Yesterday 5:15 rolled around way too quickly. So I snoozed. Again. And again. Actually, I only snoozed twice. Rolled my lazy hiney out of bed and got out for a run. I wanted to go to the gym to become the Hulkmeister, but I didn’t have enough time…so running it was. 5.15 miles in 50:54 = 9:54/mile. Again, not fast, but I don’t wanna die. Pretty sure I sweated half my body weight. Sexy.

Pretty sure you would have too. This was after my run. Yes, 86* at 6:40 in the AM. NBD. Whatevs.

Then B, his boys, and I went to see the house he’s moving in to next month! So excited. Just as excited about him moving as Joan Rivers is about getting her next injection. I’ll share some pics after the move and setting up.

The excitement just wore us out and we were all pretty hungry afterwards. We headed to Johns Island to a joint called Maria’s. I got two chicken enchiladas with rice and black beans. Delish.

Princess Snotface says, “Good morning!”

Who wouldn’t be in a good mood when greeted like this in the morning?! The only way she could be any cuter is by bringing me a perfect cuppa joe. Oh gosh. That face. It just melts my heart.

I was so lame this morning and didn’t wake up early this morning. Pretty sure someone snuck into my room and attempted to glue my eyes shut. Or maybe it was because that thunderstorm kept me up because it was scary loud.

Let’s get serious for a sec.

When you work out, do you go into it with a plan and/or goals?

I want to, but sometimes I don’t know what my goals are. If I don’t have goals, I can’t make a plan. If I don’t have a plan, I cry don’t know where to begin.

Sometimes I want to look like Marisa Miller. Sometimes I want to look like a woman of CrossFit. Either way, I want to be healthy. I want to look like I workout.

Most women have at least one body part they’re not satisfied with. I have about 4. And since I would be even more pretty useless if I cut them off, I need to change them. The only way they’ll change is if I put in the hard work to change them. Wishing it doesn’t make it happen. Working it does. (Ooh, catchy!) If I want a perky booty, I need to get on those squats and lunges. If I want cut triceps, I need to work on them. (**Note: I know the workouts are only half the battle and eating habits are the other half.**)

The thing that messes with my planning is that I get overwhelmed. I have a small brain lot of options and sometimes I don’t know where to begin! I don’t want to limit myself to only a handful of machines/free weight benches just because I’m comfortable with them. I don’t think a person is really supposed to use the word “comfortable” when talking about lifting weights…

I just need to jump in and do it! I would love to have a plan though. I also want to begin trying out some homemade WODs (here are some ideas to put together). I’m not a CrossFit-er (but I would love to try it), but I am learning the native CF language. Did you know there are actually THREE definitions to the word “snatch”?

Ugh. Just so much to take in. Regular weight training. Homemade CF workouts. And I don’t want to give up my running!

Speaking of Crossfit, check out this girl and this girl! They rock the CF and look so great! Inspiration, fo’ sho’!


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