Whirlwind Weekend.

Friday I did my long run because I am lazy and had a feeling I wasn’t going to get up early enough to beat the heat Saturday. 6 miles in 59:38 = 9:56/mile. Taking it slow. Because its hot. And I don’t feel like dying anytime soon.

This weekend was just a whirlwind of events!

Saturday I ate a slice of toast with almond butter and honey then went to the gym and ran 3 long, never ending, spiteful miles on the dreadmill. I was doing intervals: fast, slow, uphill, more uphill, faster, slower, less uphill (but still uphill), etc. I felt like I was never going to reach 3 miles. Then I did what normal people do in the gym: weights. I did some dumbbell walking lunges, squats, back extensions, bentover barbell row (revised to stand up straight and then curl arms), and a few curls thrown in there. The whole workout took just about an hour, and I felt so great when I walked out of the gym. I don’t know why I don’t utilize weights more often.

When I got home, I made a little protein shake: 6 oz vanilla almond milk with half a scoop chocolate EAS protein powder. I made a delicious salad for lunch.

Mixed salad, deli thick-sliced chicken, red onion, shredded cheese topped with the best stuff on Earth (no, not Snapple): raspberry vinaigrette. Dinner was a Bubba burger (so good) with ketchup (no bun) and a side of baked beans and macaroni salad. Yes, I am the epitome of healthy…

Sunday I knew B, his boys, and I were going to ride our bicycles so I needed to fuel up. Coffee. Lots of it. Oh, and this bad boy of a breakfast sammich:

Made from all this stuff:

Topped with a little hot sauce. Yum.

So off to biking on the trails of Daniel Island (just a hop, skip and jump from B’s house). Home of one of the biggest women’s sporting events.

My three boyfriends are the cutest things since kittens.

Then the guys showed me this old cemetery.

Then we ate lunch at DIG. I love how everything is named after a sporting event/person. We ended up eating with the most interesting man in the world.

Then we reversed our tracks and went back to B’s house and got our swamp asses all cleaned up. We ended up riding 6.8 miles. I wanted to go further, but I know B’s kids’ little legs couldn’t quite do it. It was so hot for them and they were just done with it.

We all pitched in to make dinner.

Linguine with Asparagus, Parmesan, and Bacon (and tomatoes).

And now we begin a new work week. Waaahhh!! But I don’t wanna go to work!

If your primary exercise routine is running, do you feel unexpectedly great after some doing some weights?

Have you ever eaten lunch with the Most Interesting Man in the World?


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