In my next life I’m going to be a furry creep.

Good morning! Or afternoon. Or evening. Whenever you decide to take time out of your busy life to read me…

I went to the gym this morning.
2.5 mile speedwork/hillwork treadmill (too many speeds and incline changes…)
Tricep pulldowns:
set 1: 12 @ 12.5lbs, set 2: 10 @ 15lbs, set 3: 8 @ 17.5lbs
Bench press: 10 @ 15lbs (in each hand) x2, 10 @ 30lbs barbell
Triceps: kickbacks, 10 @ 8lbs (each arm); press (hands together on barbell, movement like bench press), 10 @ 30lbs

This morning, work is treating us to breakfast. Quiche, bananas, and OJ. The quiche are normal sized, so they were cut in half. I chose one with bacon. Because bacon makes everything better.

Yesterday after work I left work and went over to B’s. Remember yesterday when I mentioned working out after work? Didn’t happen. Duh. Didn’t see that one coming…

We had another storm. ‘Tis the season. But I did get some awesome pictures.

I don’t know why National Geographic hasn’t called me in to take photos of around the world.

By time I got home, B was already making dinner. I walked in and asked, “what smells tasty?” His response, “me.” So funny, that man.

It was a quinoa and rice mix, steamed veggies, and ham.

I love my little furry creep.

For dessert, we had different menus. He went the healthy route with fresh berries and light whipped cream.

And I went the unhealthy route with chocolate ice cream. But he made me. He bought the ice cream. For me. Explicitly.

I love that the brand is Front Porch and the flavor is Chocolate Rocker. It was super good.

Then while B was busy talking on the phone Snotface and I were mesmerized by watching the last 15 minutes of Dogs in the City. Welker was into it.

She turned and asked if she could audition. She convinced me she’s destined to be a superstar. What, your dog doesn’t talk to you?

What do you think about those bacon milkshakes? Would/have you tried one?

Does your dog watch TV? Does it get excited to see other superstar dogs?

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