Hot Mess.

This morning a long(ish) run was on tap. When I say long(ish), I mean long for a weekday. I have a limited amount of time because I have to spend a lot of time getting this mug ready for the public work.

5.1 miles, 52:18 = 10:15/mile (Mizuno Mushas)

Still slow for my normal pace, but since its been so hot, I’m okay with that. And the fact that I haven’t been consistent with running for a month or so now.

I woke up at 5:15 and checked the weather. It was 80* outside but felt like 87*. When I got back to the house I was a hot mess.I loved it. I was so gross. It was fabulous. Maybe I’m one of the few, but, I love when sweat drips off my elbows and finger tips. And that’s bound to happen when I run in the summer. When I looked at my shirt it looked as if I jumped in the pool. Although I did try to run through a few sprinklers without running through people’s yards.

Yesterday after work I stopped by the store to pick up some rabbit food salad mix, radishes, cucumbers, hearts of palm, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and rotisserie chicken. B and I had a dee-lish-us salad for dinner with another bowl of berries and whipped cream topped with chocolate syrup for dessert.

We also cut his yard because it was beginning to look as if it was abandoned. Hey, when it’s 105* out, we have more important things to do: hang out by the pool. After dinner B and I went out for a little bike riding excursion. I got Snotface afterwards and took her around the block to get her used to trotting (yes, like a small horse) next to the bike. That was fun… With the yanking and the pulling and the stopping… Ended up with a total of 4 miles on the bicycle.


5 thoughts on “Hot Mess.

  1. I also love the feeling of accomplishing a good run & being dripping in sweat 🙂 Even if it wasn’t an intense run, you still feel like it was totally worth it!

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