Wait, that’s not yogurt?!

This morning I woke up and said to myself, “self, I need to go to the gym.” Then I quickly changed my mind (as I have the right to do since I am I female) and decided to run outside, even though it was already feeling like 95 degrees at 8:45 AM. Yes, I know, late start. I am a bum. I wore my new Mizuno Mushas and it didn’t feel nearly as tough to run than it did the first time I wore them. What made it so damn tough was the heat! Since I haven’t really been on the up and up with my workouts, I don’t think I’m used to running in the heat.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has said some encouraging words to me! I’ve taken them to heart and thank you!!

On that note, I’ve thought about these comments while I was running. I also thought about other things, like what goes through my dog’s mind when I play with her. Important stuff, people. I ran my 3 mile loop around B’s neighborhood and I was going to run another 2, but I could feel my brain (or whatever I have taking up space in my head) swelling. And I could tell my face was turning 50 shades of grey red. I’d really have some issues if my face was grey. I think that was a clue that I needed to stop, so I did. I came in and did some stretching and some core work.

3.0 miles in 30:39 = 10:13/mile

Yesterday B and I went and did a little clothes shopping for the concert we’re going to tonight. He’s been losing weight so he didn’t have any nice shorts that actually fit. So, I picked up a cute little shirt and a floppy straw hat for myself. Then we went to Charleston Creamery. And got all patriotic with our ice cream.

B got pralines and cream with blackberries,
raspberries, and blue berries

I got cake batter with red, white,
and blue sprinkles

Do you see the theme? Red, white, and blue. I love America!

Let me tell you, after eating frozen yogurt for so long, eating ice cream is way different. Still tasty, but different. It’s so much thicker and sweeter. It was a good treat though.

Another thing B also got from shopping was a new bed spread and some new shams. We looked at several different things, since we both have different tastes, but we both found something that we liked.

Today we’re going to chill and probably hang out at the pool. Its too hot to do anything else! Then this afternoon we’re going to see Three Dog Night! And get dressy-ish. And I get to wear my new shirt and hat. I don’t know if I’m more excited about the concert, the clothes, or the company we’ll be with, but I’m super excited!

Do you have anything exciting on tap for this weekend?

Do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?


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