Oof, that was tough.

This morning I was up and at ’em around 5:30. I got dressed and, as I was putting on my shoes (my Brooks, not my new kicks), thinking about how far I was going to run today. I thought to myself, “self, I’m feeling good this morning. Well rested. Hydrated. And ready to run. I think I can fit 6 miles in.” I downed a little bit of water before stepping outside in the 80* weather with 60% humidity and started on my way. A tenth of a mile in and I thought, “holy hell. This is tough. Maybe I’ll get between 4 and 5 in.” My legs felt so heavy and I felt out of breath. Around mile 2.5 my chest was burning and my right lung was cramping. Can a lung even cramp?! I felt awful. I think I ended up taking 5 walk breaks. And I don’t play with chest pain.

3.25 miles, 32:57 = 10:08/mile

I know I’m not the fastest runner. Never have been. I think my fastest mile ever was around 8:00. But I was so proud that I was consistently staying around 9:20 – 9:30.

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was me having a bad day. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. One thing is for sure: it was tough.

I’m going to throw a pity party for myself. Bear with me. I’ll get over it. Don’t pity me for throwing a pity party for myself. Tell me to put my big girl panties on a get over it. Tell me to tough it out.

As you may know (and if you don’t, you’re about to find out,) I’ve had some motivational issues. I can’t seem to get my shit straight. I can’t seem to find the groove I once had.

I have been struggling with this problem now for about a year. Even during my last half marathon training. It has been so difficult to crawl out of bed in the mornings. I know most people say, “well, just don’t think about it. Just get up and do it!” And that’s what I used to do. I’ve lost my mojo and now I need to find it.

I used to run (on average) 104.5 miles/month (26.1 miles/week). Now I feel good if I’m even mustering up the energy to get in 60 miles/month (15 miles/week).

I don’t know what my problem is. I don’t know what’s going on. I still love the feeling I get after working out. I regret when I don’t workout. I don’t know how to kick my ass out of bed to get started again…

I get new workout clothes. I get new workout shoes. That does not get me out of bed like it used to, like it should.

I just want to find my groove again. I want to find out where I can drink to kool-aid again. I

Do you have any words of wisdom? Do you know where I can find the kool-aid?


5 thoughts on “Oof, that was tough.

  1. Have you thought about mixing it up? Maybe you’re getting bored with running and have hit a plateau? I find if I do the same thing over and over again, I become less excited about it. Either way, I’m sure you’ll break out of the funk soon!

    • I have thought about it. I think I’m just lacking motivation in general. 😦 It doesn’t matter whether its riding my bike, running, swimming… I just can’t snap out of this and I’m so irritated at myself for it! But thanks for the encouragement!! 🙂

  2. Ugh, I hear you. Been there, many times. Right now it’s the high of being able to work out after being injured that’s keeping me going, but I definitely don’t recommend that you get injured! Do you think maybe it’s time to switch it up and run at a different time – after work, or during your lunch break if that’s a possibility for you (it’s not for me)? Do you have a goal you’re working towards? Maybe a fun, shorter race, one that doesn’t require tons of training but just enough to keep you motivated. The heat is killer, and maybe it’s scared your motivation away – I bet it returns in the cooler fall weather, if not sooner. Hang in there!

    • Thanks, Jen! I’ve thought about running during lunch, but I don’t want to stay at work any longer than I have to (if I take an extra 30 mins for lunch, I’d stay an extra 30 mins). I think you’re right, the heat is getting to me. Its been so hot and muggy…even at 5:30 am.

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