A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Happy 4th 5th of July! I hope everyone had a fabulous celebration and all stayed safe and was in no trouble. And if you did get into some trouble, I hope you had a great friend right by your side.


B and I hung around by the pool soakin’ up some sun and we ended up meeting a couple who lived in the neighborhood who were super cool. You know the ice is broken when you mention that you’ve seen them before, or at least a couple that looked like them and their response was, “were they drunk? No? Then it wasn’t us.” 😉 These are my kind of people!

One topic of conversation was working out. The wife talked about working out out of necessity and the husband talked about working out by doing 12 oz curls (they just happen to get lighter every time he curls it up… Hmph…) Then they looked at me and said, “you must work out, you have a great figure!” I was speechless… (which doesn’t happen often.) I looked at B and he said, “Mandi, now you’re supposed to say ‘thank you.'” So I did. Then I proceeded to tell them that I run.

B and I went to my uncle’s for a cookout then we left before it got dark because we’re old and we needed our rest because we had to come to work today. Boo!

Exciting news: I got a new pair of running shoes! I got the Mizuno Musha 4.

They’re pretty flashy. Just the opposite of my personality. The sole, however, is just like my personality: flat. I did some research on these kids before I bought them and they’re a good shoe if trying to go to a minimalist shoe or if one is an over-pronator. I don’t know if I under, over, or normal pronate. I just know that I love Mizuno shoes and when I can run 9+ miles in a shoe without any un-normal pain, then its a shoe I’ll stick with. I’m not a shoe or running know it all. I turn to my all knowing internet friend named Google for information.

My first run with these fellas were a 5 miler…and it was tough! I don’t know if it was because of the lack of heel-toe drop so I felt as if my legs had to work harder or if it was because it was 81 degrees outside at 5:30 in the morning. In any case, these are super comfortable for me and way different from the Brooks I have at B’s house (my other pair of Miznos stay at my place). Now, if only I can find where I placed my damn motivation…

I left B’s this morning to come to work, and I like to think this is how Turdface is all day until I come home…

…looking out the window just waiting for me to come home. *Sigh* A girl can dream.

Did you do anything exciting to celebrate on the 4th?

Is your dog scared of fireworks?


5 thoughts on “A Day Late and A Dollar Short

  1. yay for mushas!!! They are a pretty minimal shoe, so ease into them so you don’t hurt yourself – so comfortable though! Have you thought about setting a mile goal per week and planning out the run days and the non run days so that you know at the beginning of the week which days you are doing what? That might give your running a little more structure. It sucks when the fire isn’t there to get out and run and the heat certainly does make it tough.

    • Thanks for the advice. I’ve worn the mushas twice now, and they are super comfortable but very minimal, for sure. I’ve made plans for the week but its just matter of getting a swift kick in the rear end to get up and do it 😉 Thanks for reading and for the advice!!

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  3. Please tell me Turdface is his ACTUAL name hahah… I had to bring my dog home after a good bout of whines

    The low arches on the shoes are probably good for you, as flat footed people generally over-pronate 🙂

    Oh and as far as motivation, step 1 for me was choosing a time where you’ll have the least possible excuses.

    • Haha no her name is actually Welker but does respond to Turdface and Snotface.

      I don’t have flat feet necessarily but I’ve read that these shoes still help towards going ‘minimal.’ They’re cushy though!

      That’s a good step 1. Food for thought. Thanks! And thanks for reading!

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