Life As I Know It

Yesterday I planned on doing a speedy three miles on the treadmill and today I had planned a yoga-rest day. Then yesterday morning when my alarm went off, I decided to swap. Yesterday became my yoga-rest day (minus the yoga) and today became my speedy three miler. Then I lifted for about 15 minutes because I had a late start.

I was able to break a sweat yesterday because I vacuumed. Twice. (More on that later.) I cleaned up after my dog in B’s backyard in the 140* heat and then I tried to fill in the holes snotface decided to dig under his stairs in the backyard. Good times.

Since Saturday when I flew back home I’ve been staying with B at his house. Construction is being done at my apartment building and that construction involves redoing the doors and molding (on the inside and out) on the two doors going out to my patio. That is a task that apparently takes two weeks to complete. Anywho. My dog is not fond of strange men (she takes after me). And I’m not locking her in my bedroom for 8+ hours. Ergo, it’s best we stay at B’s so she has free roam of the backyard while the strange construction men can do their jobs.

It’s actually been kind of weird to stay over there every night for the past 5 nights. Its as if we truly live together. I get off work, check on my place, and go back to his place. We make dinner, eat, tag team dirty dishes and then watch tv. Whoa. I guess this is what I have to look forward to when we actually do live together. It’s actually pretty nice, we have a routine. No guessing game of who’s staying where for the night or if we’re just staying in our separate places. In the mornings B’s been getting up and doing his Insanity workout and I’ve been either running the neighborhood or going to the gym, then we get ready for work and one of us makes the lunches for us to take to work.

I have to say those two reasons are not the only reasons we’ve been staying for as long as we have (not that he’s complaining). My dog had a case of the fleas. Tuesday after work I went to the petstore to buy some flea bomb/fogger stuff, flea shampoo, and flea drops. I drove home and set all it all up and bombed my apartment. Washed turdface at B’s and put some flea drops on her. BOOM! Fleabitches be gone. Here comes the vacuuming two times: I went to my place yesterday after work and cleaned up the aftermath of the war I have on fleas. Then at B’s I vacuumed because snotface decided to shed. Everywhere. She sheds fur like a stripper sheds clothes.

I love this pic I saw on the Facebook.


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