Close Call

Yesterday my flight home was at 8:35 and I was almost not on it. Here’s some nighttime reading if you’re having difficulty falling asleep:

I got all my stuff together to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind in the hotel room. I went downstairs to ask for a shuttle to the airport. “The shuttle runs every 20 minutes and one just left so the next one will be here at 7:25.” Nice. I asked, “how long is the ride to the airport from here?” “About seven minutes.” Alright, 7:31, just less than an hour. Hopefully it won’t be too busy. I can make it. While waiting for the shuttle to arrive I used my phone to check in and then I had some connectivity issues mid-way through and just gave up.

Shuttle shows up, I hop on, I get to the airport, and get dropped off. I go to the outdoor check-in area and give the guy my information and I’m told after he looks up my information, “you need to go inside.” Oh jeez. So I go inside. And I stand in this forever-long line for about 15 minutes when I realize it was for baggage check-in only. Not for regular check-in to get my boarding pass; that had to be done at the check-in kiosk. I ask the guy behind me if he wouldn’t mind if I just went and got my boarding pass and if I could have my spot back in line. He was hesitant but obliged. I was very grateful to him THANKS GUY!! So I take a whopping two minutes to get my boarding pass and pay for my checked luggage and hop back in line where I thank the guy about five more times.

It is 7:56 and I look at my boarding pass and boarding was to begin at 7:55. Yeesh. We move a few more spots up when another airline employee comes up and asks two guys behind me when their flights were. One was at 9:40 and the other at 10:00. Then the guy looks at me and asks me what time my flight is and I say, “8:30.” And suddenly there is a sense of urgency and he gets me to the front of the line to make sure my bag will be on my flight. Although there is still no guarantee that I will be.

I move forward to security. I had to wait for another 12 minutes just to get through that. Good thing I didn’t have many things to take off and out of my pockets. I made it to the gate at 8:10. I saw the little connecting flight plane out the window so I know it hadn’t left yet. Then I saw people leaving the plane; that’s when I knew I was safe. Phew! I made it! That was too close of a call.

That was pretty much my only workout…the anxiety and running through the airport…

B picked me up and I dropped my stuff off, caught up with my pup, and then we headed out on the motorcycles to go to a cookout at a coworker of B’s. Today our plan is this:


Oh and I really missed snotface!


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