It was good while it lasted…

…but I’m glad to go home! Tomorrow I’m headed that way.

I like traveling, exploring unfamiliar territory and all that jazz. But I like being at home with my boring ol’ simple life. Yes, sorry to disappoint you, I’m really not a rockstar. Unless you ask my dog.

I want to get back into my normal routine: wake up, workout, go to work, eat dinner, go to bed, while socializing during between (of course i work at work!) those activities.

Previously I mentioned that I want to make up a workout schedule for myself. So last night as I was sitting in my room eating my delicious froyo that looked like this:


I thought of this plan:


Obviously I would take an added rest day as needed. Right now my only planned scheduled full rest day is Sunday. The cross training portion would incorporate the bike or elliptical and as long as I do it one day, it is optional for the other day I have it written. The 2 miles PM is a tentative 2 mile run I will take my dog on that evening. I would like to do more like go for a bike ride after work and things like that, but I think I just need to focus on the basics of working out consistently.

If you have suggestions or thoughts please let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Have a fabulous Friday 🙂

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