Go. Travel. Go.

Whew! It’s only been 13 days since our last encounter. Less than two weeks. I cried. A lot. Because I’ve missed you.

Life has been pretty much non-stop for the duration of our separation. That’s why I haven’t posted. Fortunately, it’s not for lack of exercising (or eating!). I’ve been back to the gym once but have also run a handful of times since. More on that later. I have been in Washington DC for almost a week for work purposes (no, really, my real job). I know this is a fabulous running place, but I’m not familiar and I don’t want to go out for a run before the sun comes up and get lost. Because let’s face it, I have my mother’s sense of direction: none.

It has been a lot of fun up here. I came up a day earlier than need be because Bruce and his boys came up also. They came up for a vacation; so while I was slaving away in training class, they were out checking out all the sights. We did hang out all weekend and then I met up with them after my training for the day to finish the day with them and grab a bite to eat. I really loved having them up here with me because I did things I would not have normally done on my own; for instance, going to King Street in Old Town or going to check out a sushi place in Chinatown. I’m not one of those people who is afraid of being alonemainly because I’m the only one who can stand being around myself for so long!But I do enjoy going someplace unfamiliar with others I love being around.

Without further adieu, here are a few pictures from our adventures:

Fun! Fun! Fun!

2 thoughts on “Go. Travel. Go.

  1. I love DC. My sister used to live in NoVa, but moved to Charlottesville, and then Wisconsin, last year. I’ll miss going in to DC on our visits!

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