Hills and Bridges

After two full rest days after the half, I went for a nice and easy 3.75 mile run on Wednesday. My calves were super tights and sore so I rubbed them while I reminded myself why I need to invest in a foam roller. The rest of the day really wasn’t very interesting… Went to a one year old’s birthday party. What?! No booze?!

This morning B and I met with another guy to run this bridge before work. I was a sweaty hot mess. I mean at 6:00 it’s only 68* with 95% humidity. The guy we met with has been running for years and he’s fast. Then again, fast to me is constant 8:45 m/m … I am super proud of B though. He hasn’t run in years (consistently) until the past 2 months and even then he’s working up his mileage before he works on his time. In any case, I’m proud because he ran the bridge and it’s not just a flat neighborhood. From Mt. P to downtown the incline is steep. From downtown to Mt. P its a looooong uphill battle. He’s now really sore. Probably didn’t help that he started Insanity about two days ago. Phew! As the other guy who was with us said, “gonna be bustin’ out like superman!”

Other than that…my life is too boring amazing to put into words…so I have nothing else to say.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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