I Ran Like A Diva.

Like always. Because I’m faaaaabulous! Duh.

So…let’s recap…you know…because I’m a professional and all. o_O

The expo lasted two days, but since the race was in Myrtle Beach I only had a 2 hour drive, so we went up the day before. The expo was held at a very easily accessible location. Although it wasn’t necessarily a large race (I believe there were just over 3,000 participants) the expo was easy in and easy out…and there was also a shuttle for the busiest time. I not only majored in Business in college but I had a second major in procrastination; therefore, the shuttle did not help me.

As soon as I walked in the door there was a greeter that handed out “goodie” bags (i.e. all the touristy brochures) and then directed me where to go to get my bib. The tables were set up by participant number, rather than last name. My posse helped me.

Then we gave a short half marathon training lesson.

Ultimately the expo was easy…after all I was so late I begged for them NOT to lock the door on me!

Dinner that night was one of my favorites. Japanese! I did a little bit of research beforehand and found this little place called “Jimmyz Original Hibachi Hut” that had nothing but awesome reviews. Totally legit japanese joint. My tummy was craving some shrimp, veggies, and rice.

I felt as if I still needed to carb load. So ice cream it was! Then we went back to the hotel and crashed out. Thank God I got a super comfy bed!!

My alarm went off at 4:50 and I popped out of bed, got ready and was out of my hotel room in 30 minutes. I went and put my stuff in my car, grabbed some coffee, an english muffin with peanut butter and honey, and checked out of the hotel. Meanwhile, I texted Bruce and told him I was going to be downstairs. No response. I called him after I got my coffee and food. No answer. So I went up and knocked on his door. No answer. I thought to myself, “maybe he was going down one elevator as I was coming up the other.” So I started walking away and I heard a loud noise…it was him opening up the door. His alarm never went off. So it’s 5:30 – the time we originally wanted to leave – and he and his boys are just rising and shining. We were out of their room and in the car going at 5:45. Super fast boys. They should be running this race!

We parked and rode the shuttle (i.e. school bus) to the start line and just hung out drinking our coffee and waiting for start time. Parking and catching the shuttle was a totally simple process. No hiccups.

Porta potties. Main staple at any race.

The race was scheduled to begin at 7:00. At 6:58:30 I had to pee. BAD. But I wasn’t jumping out of line to run to the potty to miss the start. I knew there were porta potties along the course, so I was going to hold out. At mile 0.75ish there were 3 sitting on the side. There were already some girls waiting in line. A few moments later one of the girls took a closer look. The damn things were zip-tied locked. So I ran another 4 miles on a completely full bladder. No woods to go hide in to do what I’ve got to do either. Gah. Miserable 4.5 miles. The rest of the race went off without a hitch, although there were other porta potties along the race that were “locked.”

I finished the race officially is 2:08 and some change (9:30 m/m). I was very proud of myself for running the whole race without walking or resting (not at all that there’s anything wrong with having to do that!). I think I was even more proud of the fact that I did this race without running a full 8 days beforehand. Two full rest days and I’m still sore.


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