In 24 hours…

I will be home, cleaned up, and sore! I will have run my second half marathon. I know for some this distance is not a big deal and to others it’s seems unreachable and/or crazy.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. Sort of. Here on the southern east coast, we’ve been “blessed” with unpredictable weather, i.e. don’t like it? Wait 20 minutes. The past week we’ve had to deal with on and off showers and thunderstorms. Tomorrow will be no different. I looked at the forecast and the all knowing weather people (ha!) have said at the time the race begins it will be 62*. That’s not so bad. I love that temp. However I don’t love it when it comes with 15mph winds (steady) and a 40% chance of rain. Oof.

Whatever. I’ll look cute. And everyone knows a race is so much funner with a cute outfit. Fact.


Point is, I’m looking forward to it. And I’m dreading it at the same time. Good times.


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