T-Minus 2.5 Days

I am two and a half days away from the half for which I have been oh-so-diligently not been training. Oy. Usually I am a stickler for details. I want to plan everything out. I have not done that for this trip. I’m not even entirely sure where the hotel is. I know its 20 minutes from the starting line, and that’s about it. Good thing I have tomorrow off work so I can make a plan. I can plan when to wake up, leave the hotel, and on what streets to park. I also need to find out the closest restaurants so that I can plan where to eat for dinner. Gotta get those carbs in! I know a lot of people go for Italian food, and I have nothing against that (I love a good plate of spaghetti!) but I think I want to get some Japanese food. A big bowl of fried rice with some shrimp and veggies. Yum! That’s what I did for my last big race and it worked like magic. I eat Japanese food enough for it to settle fine into my digestive system.

My biggest concern is bathroom issues. Oh yes, I just went there. Since I have not been so good at keeping up LRs (or many short ones, for that matter), I haven’t gotten my system used to using the restroom before a run. So…I hope that my usual thing will work: drinking coffee on an empty stomach and then eating a granola bar of some sort.

What do you like to eat to carb-load for a race?


2 thoughts on “T-Minus 2.5 Days

  1. The night before a long run I love to eat angel hair pasta w/my homemade sauce. Yum! Even though you may feel under-prepared for this race, once you get over your nerves and get going you’ll be fine. Stick with what you know for food (Japanese sounds delicious) and stay positive. Good luck!

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